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                Lin welcomed Branstad for his friendly visit to Gansu Province and briefed him on the basic provincial conditions. Lin said that Gansu, with a long history, profound culture, diverse topography and beautiful natural scenery, is an important birthplace of the Chinese civilization. As a strategic point on the ancient Silk Road, and with the opening of new international trade channels, Gansu has formed a transportation and logistics system with land and sea linkage and extension in all directions, he added. "Over the years, our province has maintained good cooperative relations with the local governments of the US, and achieved notable results in many fields," Lin said. "We hoped that Ambassador Branstad will pay more attention to supporting Gansu and promoting it widely, and we welcome friends from all walks of life in the US to come here for investment and tourism and deepen understanding and friendship for the benefits of the people of both sides," he said. 08-20